About grupo Doria

Communication and Marketing Group comprised by companies that work on the various content and relationship platforms. Grupo Doria includes: DORIA EVENTS, DORIA EDITORA, LIDE - Group of Business Leaders, TV SHOW BUSINESS, TV LIDE (digital) and CAMPOS DO JORDÃO CONVENTION CENTER.

GRUPO DORIA was founded in 1992, in São Paulo. Among the activities, it holds the largest and most important corporate events in Brazil and abroad, recognized by the quality, especially of public and content.


DORIA EDITORA publishes corporate and lifestyle magazines aimed at opinion leaders.

The titles include: LIDE, Fórum & Negócios, LIDE The Best of Brazil, Meeting & Negócios, Líderes do Brasil, Robb Report e Oscar, totaling 16 magazines over the year.

Doria Editora


Group of Business Leaders is an organization that aims to promote and encourage business relationships. Founded in 2003, it brings together 1,700 companies in several countries. Promotes debates to strengthen free enterprise, economic and social development, as well as the defense of ethical principles of corporate governance in the public and private sectors. Currently, the group has 32 regional and international units and 26 operating fronts.

The content produced by LIDE is also presented in LIDE Magazine, a monthly publication that portrays the universe of the Business Leaders Group, and also on TV LIDE, an Internet TV channel that brings together the best and most exclusive content generated in the events.

Learn more: www.lideglobal.com



DORIA EVENTOS is responsible for holding proprietary events of all Grupo Doria companies in Brazil and abroad.

Its achievements include the largest corporate events nationally and internationally, such as Business Forum, Leaders of Brazil Awards, National Agribusiness Forum, Corporate Marketing Forum, Retail, Consuption and Shopping Mall Forum, Health and Well-Being Forum, Entrepreneurs’ Forum and International Meeting; assembly of seasonal malls in Campos do Jordão, magazine releases from DORIA EDITORA, among others.

Doria Eventos


Show Business

Talk Show focusing on business and entrepreneurship cases that completes 25 years on the air in 2017. SHOW BUSINESS is screened on Saturday nights on TV Bandeirantes. Visit the SHOW BUSINESS channel on youtube.

Show Business


TV LIDE® is an online TV channel which brings together the best content created in events carried out by LIDE - Grupo de Líderes Empresariais (Group of Business Leaders). Interviews, talks, debates with great leader from the public and private industry, experts and personalities in the most varied themes. Exclusive and inspiring content for an audience of corporate managers, entrepreneurs and opinion makers. Visit www.tvlide.com.br


Convention Center

Inspired by the most renowned convention centers of mountainous cities in Europe, the United States and Canada, the Campos do Jordão Convention Center brings together taste, sophistication and flexibility in one place and is prepared to receive the most varied events of different sizes, styles and formats.

Commercial Manager of the Convention Center

Luiz Padovan


Av. Macedo Soares, 499 – Capivari – Campos do Jordão – SP – Brasil

Phones: (+55 12) 3663-5144 / (+ 55 12) 3663-7331

Convention Center



Ana Lucia Ventorim – Communication Director

Isabel Lopes – Communication and Content Manager

Grupo Doria

Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 2.277 - 11º andar

Jardim Europa - São Paulo - SP

CEP: 01452-000 - Brasil

Tel.: (+ 55) 11 3039-6011